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Used Turbine Aircraft Engines by Aircraft Parts Store

The engine of your aircraft is without question, one of its most important parts. And when it’s time to replace an aircraft engine, there is a good chance we can help. Aircraft Parts Store is the first choice for many private aircraft owners and those responsible for corporate aircraft and fleets. We consistently provide quality used piston aircraft engines, turboprop aircraft engines and turbine aircraft engines for all types of corporate and general aviation aircraft. We also provide parts for these types of engines.

All of the engines we sell are “As Removed” meaning, we do not invest numerous man hours or costs to refurbish or rebuild our engines. This allows us to provide engines that are in good condition at a much lower cost than a rebuilt or new engine. We carefully inspect every engine before it is available for sale in order to provide a detailed assessment of the condition of the engine. Our aircraft engines come with their maintenance records or log books and like all of our aircraft parts, carry a 60 day warranty.

Used Turbine Aircraft Engines by Aircraft Parts Store

Used Turbine Aircraft Engines by Aircraft Parts Store

Our aircraft acquisition efforts consistently produce a wide variety of aircraft engine types from a variety of manufacturers. We commonly have Lycoming and Continental engines, as well as Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney and others from corporate and general aviation aircraft. All of our engines are carefully removed from the aircraft fully intact. We store all of our engines on-site at our parts warehouse which allows us to ship any engine the same day.

If you are in need of an engine, be sure to check with us first. We have the perfect, cost effective solution for your aircraft engine needs!

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