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Aircraft Recovery, Transport and Storage

Florida Air Recovery is an Aircraft Recovery Company based in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida Air Recovery is sister company to Aircraft Parts Store and an affiliate of Atlanta Air Recovery. At Florida Air Recovery we specializes in aircraft recovery, transport and storage of crashed aircraft from small single engine airplanes to mid-sized and even large jet aircraft. We recover aircraft from any location in Florida, in any condition. We then transport the aircraft in tact or in pieces to our facilities for secure storage and climate controlled investigation accommodations if required.
The recovery team at Florida Air Recovery is a crew of highly trained and experienced recovery experts using specialized heavy lift vehicles and other equipment designed to allow our crew to safely remove and transport any crashed aircraft efficiently and economically.

Professional Aircraft Recovery

Florida Air Recovery Aircraft Recovery utilizes Specialized Lift Equipment to preserve evidence associated to crashed aircraftSafety is our top priority at Florida Air Recovery. As we mentioned, our recovery teams are highly trained with specialized lift equipment and techniques often required to safely recover crashed aircraft. We also understand the importance of required investigations and go to great lengths the document the scene of the crash and preserve evidence.

Photos are taken before, during and after aircraft recovery to provide a detailed photographic record of the scene, the aircraft and the recovery process. The largest parts of the crashed aircraft, all separated parts of the aircraft, any property damage and impact to the environment at the scene are photographically documented in great detail to assist investigators.

Specialized lift equipment is used to move crashed aircraft and aircraft parts in order to minimize any additional damage to the crashed aircraft and preserve evidence.

Recovered Aircraft Transport

Aircraft Recovery Transport by Florida Air Recovery

Our ability to safely transport recovered aircraft is key to our operation. For this reason we maintain a fleet of vehicles with different capabilities. Our transport rigs are capable of safely transporting crashed aircraft that are in tact or in pieces as a result of the crash. And we can transport any size aircraft from small private aircraft to large jets.

Florida Air Recovery is DOT Certified to carry over-sized loads to anywhere in the country. And our drivers are very familiar with what is required to transport over-sized loads while doing so in a timely manner.

Recovered Aircraft Storage

Aircraft Recovery Storage by Florida Air RecoveryAircraft crash investigations can often take weeks and months. Often the remains of an aircraft must be kept out of the elements to preserve the condition of the aircraft and evidence. For this reason and to provide investigators with an appropriate environment to conduct their investigation, we can store recovered aircraft within our air conditioned storage facilities.

Our air conditioned storage facilities provide insurance companies and investigators from the NTSB and FAA a controlled environment and well lit space to perform their investigations.

For more non critical circumstances, we have acres of outdoor storage for aircraft involved in minor incidences and of course our salvage aircraft.

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