Aircraft Acquisition by Aircraft Parts Store

We Purchase All Types of Aircraft

We purchase many different types of aircraftWhile there are a number of aspects to selling an aircraft, we make every effort to make the aircraft acquisition process as smooth as possible. Most often we are approached by individuals and companies who own damaged aircraft. typically damage that the owner doesn’t feel comfortable repairing for one reason or another, or the cost of repairing would rival the cost to simply replacing the aircraft.

The condition of the aircraft is not usually a concern for us at Aircraft Parts Store. We do not purchase aircraft for the purpose of reselling. We buy aircraft to salvage. Our primary interest is in the parts of the aircraft that are still in good condition. The types of aircraft that purchase include but are not limited to are single and multi-engine aircraft, private or business class jet aircraft, general aviation aircraft, and some regional airliners.

Purchasing Your Aircraft

Aircraft Acquisitions by Aircraft Parts StoreEach different aircraft requires a different purchasing process. But again, we will help keep this as simple and organized as possible. Typically we will collect as much information from the seller as possible. We will ask you for all necessary documents and advise you on the steps you will need to take. If we approve the purchase, we will make arrangements for a visual inspection. After visual inspection and agreeing on the final price, we will make arrangements for payment and transport of the aircraft. Of course the loading process and transport varies on a case by case basis.

Transporting the Aircraft

If we purchase your aircraft, you are not responsible for delivering the aircraft to us. We will arrange for a time and location at the airport to disassemble the aircraft as needed and load the aircraft on our specialized transportation tractor trailers. All required equipment to disassemble and transport the aircraft to our facilities will be arranged and provided by Aircraft Parts Store.

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